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X Games

Hello and Welcome! X Games is currently under construction. (Soon in Beta Phase)
Gamemode: All in One Server
X Games Team:
      Owner: XxMoNsTeR [ZHX]
      Admins: z [ZHX], ZHX>Herorabbit;
      Moderators: None
      VIP: None
X Games will be released somewhere between 10 September and 20 September.
The release date has been delayed, I did not had time to work on the levels, but I promise it will be released somewhere in October or November!
Delayed to December or 1st of January.

X Games will officialy be in the Beta Phase somewhere between 15 or 20 December.

Rewards at Release

1. VIP Rank + Two Good Levels by him will be added to the server.
2. Two Good Levels by him will be added to      the server.
3. One Good Level by him will be added to the server.

(For both 2nd and 3rd rewards, the levels have to be made within 15  days)

Rank Benefits

Admin Rank:
       All the commands, but no adminpass             commands.

Moderator Rank:
       About 75% of the commands. Without           calculating the adminpass commands.

VIP Rank:
       Kill command.
       Rename command.
       Swap command.
       Time command.